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gary spirer

Gary Spirer

Gary Spirer started out his career at the prestigious investment banking firm Lazard Freres where he worked at their real estate affiliates. After Lazard Freres, Gary formed two successive real estate partnerships. Subsequently, Gary founded his own real estate company. In 1981,Gary founded Capital Hill Group, Inc where he continues to provide investment banking services for emerging growth companies. Capital Hill Group, Inc. has been a member of FINRA (NASD) since 1981. He is also the founder and principal of Capital Hill Realty. In real estate Gary has developed, syndicated and invested in properties which at todays value would aggregate over $ 500 million.

He has also attracted over $ 60 million for transactions mostly from accredited investors and small funds. Gary works with a substantial network of industry leaders and advisors. In addition, Gary is the founder and creator of AskDestiny®.com a lifestyle company dedicated to revealing the success secrets used by the greatest achievers throughout history to the present.

Free Wealth and Success CD
Free Wealth and Success CD